Welcome to the Faculty of Liberal Arts (FLA) at Sophia University, widely known for its all-English program, established in 1949, giving us the distinction of being the oldest one of its kind in Japan.  Located in the heart of the vibrant global city of Tokyo, the FLA is a lively cosmopolitan community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We provide unique opportunities to learn about the changing realities of the globalized world and its relationship to local, especially Japanese, societies and cultures from a wide range of perspectives.

Our courses are structured into three interdisciplinary majors of Comparative Culture, International Business and Economics and Social Studies which offer rigorous and sophisticated training for professional careers in various fields including international organizations, multinational corporations, and academic institutions. Through our program students acquire professional expertise in a chosen major, strong analytical and social skills, and cross-cultural knowledge and sensitivity to become full participants of our globalized world.

We have an internationally acclaimed faculty, whose academic achievements and networks are at the forefront of their respective fields. Our staff works hard to ensure that students can fully benefit from the rich offerings on and off campus. Our students, including a large number of exchange students from all over the world, have diverse cultural backgrounds and together they form a dynamic, interactive community. Our location, literally at the center of the city, puts us in close proximity to important research institutions, commercial centers, and historically important places.

This is an exciting time to be a student at the Faculty of Liberal Arts as we continue to develop our program to national and international distinction. I encourage you to fully embrace this opportunity and take full advantage of our rich learning environment as well as the exciting life Tokyo has to offer. Please explore our website and the brochure to learn more about the details of our program and visit us at any time, virtually or in person. Great things are happening at the FLA, and I hope you will be part of that excitement.

Michio Hayashi
Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts