There are eight computer rooms on the third floor of Building No.2 and two additional computer rooms in the library. These rooms are available for student use and are equipped with PCs with internet connection (Macs are available in Computer Room E) and printers. Some rooms also have scanners.

Computer Room E, open between 9:00-20:00 (Monday-Friday), is always available for individual student use while other rooms are sometimes used as classrooms. Computers in Computer Room F are equipped with English-language OS.

To use these computers you need an account with the Sophia Media Center. This account will enable you to connect to the Internet at several ‘wireless access points’ on the campus. All students also receive an email account(

The seven multi-media CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) classrooms on the second floor basement of Building No.2 may be used for foreign language classes.

For more information in Japanese about computer and internet use on campus, and the University Media Center, click here.


The computer service through which students register for classes, view grades, distribute credits for graduation, and receive notices from the University.  Click to access Loyola.


The latest software platform used by most FLA professors to distribute assignments and create an online forum for discussions related to course content. Click to access Moodle.

Sophia Webmail

To find out about our campus internal mail, please click here.

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