The establishment of the Graduate Program in Global Studies in April 2006 builds on a Center of Excellence grant awarded to Sophia University by the Japanese Ministry of Education to reorient the university's strong tradition of area studies towards the issues and inquiries that characterize the new academic field of global studies. Many of the FLA professors also teach in the graduate program.

The Program enables students to pursue advanced study on Japan and other locales in global context through a multi-disciplinary curriculum taught in English. The international faculty has wide experience in Asia, Europe, and North and South America and the student body is kept small so as to encourage student-faculty interaction.

Due to the Program's scale and the wide research interests of the faculty, students can flexibly select courses leading to one of four degrees: M.A. and Ph.D. in Global Studies; M. A. in International Business and Development Studies; M.A. in Japanese Studies. While English is the language of instruction, the Program encourages the study of Japanese, and other languages

The Program's location in downtown Tokyo is also a considerable advantage. It facilitates a continuous stream of well-known speakers from the business, diplomatic, and other specialized communities, both in Japan and internationally. Such key resources as the National Diet Library and many government offices are within walking distance.

On completion of the Graduate Program students have a broad understanding of the their geographic area of focus and relevant global contexts, and further grounding in the approaches of the academic disciplines represented in their degree of concentration, and solid grounding in Japanese and/or another second or third language. Graduates typically pursue careers in internationally oriented organizations and businesses, or continue to study in a doctoral program.

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