What is Social Studies?

Social Studies is a core component of any liberal arts curriculum. The Social Studies major comprises three concentrations – history, political science, and anthropology-sociology. It seeks to give students a deeper understanding of the social, political, and cultural environment in which they live, and to liberate them from being bound to their immediate milieu. Students majoring in Social Studies receive training in a wide range of job-relevant skills, including analytic reading, writing, logical thinking, data gathering, presentation, discussion, and group work. However, the main purpose of the Social Studies major is not to train students in technical skills. It is rather to encourage students to reflect upon the customs, principles, institutions, and values which inform the societies they live in, and to contribute to their betterment. Students majoring in Social Studies are required to choose a primary field and a secondary field from the three concentrations available within the major. Major courses build systematically, from introductory lectures to advanced, small-sized seminars. The curriculum emphasizes fostering intellectual curiosity, encouraging independent research, and exposure to a variety of perspectives.

Social Studies Students

In the Social Studies major, you will meet a diverse and interesting group of students from around the world, and with a variety of interests. The diversity of both the student body and the Faculty members contributes to a stimulating educational environment, which is particularly valuable in class discussions.  Students majoring in Social Studies find jobs in companies in a variety of industries, in government agencies, NGOs, and in educational institutions. Social Studies students are valued for their language skills, research skills, people skills, and multicultural sensibilities. In addition, some students go on to graduate study at leading universities around the world.

Social Studies Faculty

The Social Studies major boasts a highly dedicated group of first-rate professors with diverse backgrounds. All fulltime Faculty members hold PhDs from leading universities around the world, and are highly active researchers in their fields. We invite you to come along for an intellectual journey that is as fun as it is eye-opening.