The FLA and the University provide orientation and support to students in a variety of ways.

Orientation Camp

This overnight trip to facilities near Mt Fuji is held at the very beginning of every semester for incoming students, giving students a chance to develop a support and information network and make friends. Professors and upper-level students representing all the academic programs offered in the Faculty also attend.

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Faculty Advising

Advising is an integral part of teaching and the close interaction between student and professor ensures students’ sound academic development. All incoming students are assigned a faculty advisor who provides guidance during the first semesters of study.

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Career Counseling

Professors, FLA graduates, the Career Center, and various student groups provide students with many opportunities to meet the possibilities and challenges involved in deciding on a career path and finding a job. Students in all majors find jobs in a variety of companies, industries, NGOs and other organizations. There is also support for students seeking jobs in specialized areas such as museum curatorship and high school teaching in Japan.

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