A Pioneering Program in Global Liberal Arts Education

Tradition of Liberal Arts, Oriented to our Global World

We are proud of our proven track record as a pioneer in English-medium liberal arts programs in Japan. The International Division at Sophia was founded in 1949 as the first comprehensive academic program fully taught in English. As times changed, we developed our program to become the Faculty of Comparative Culture in 1987. In 2006, we reinstituted our program as the the Faculty of Liberal Arts to signal our continued and developing commitment to the principles of comprehensive education in a global world. Our program provides the core competencies and skills necessary for any academic pursuit and a wide diversity of disciplinary majors that allow students to fully develop.

With intensive study and small classes that emphasize critical thinking and individual expression, the FLA is continuing to evolve as the needs of our students shift in our changing world. Situated in the heart of Tokyo, a global metropolis, our teachers are always finding new ways to connect our students to this dynamic global world. You can be part of the FLA tradition and its future.

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Ready for College, Ready for Life

Our liberal arts education is designed to provide all-round education that will help you not only in your immediate future but throughout the rest of your life. To progress in today’s quickly changing world, both practical skills and knowledge with a broad perspective are needed. Writing and speaking skills are needed to convey your thoughts effectively, and express a deep understanding of humanity and of yourself. Your learning at the FLA is just the start of a process that lasts a lifetime.

Our graduates are making a difference in Japan and around the world, as policy-makers, businessmen and businesswomen, educators, artists, and leaders in every field, embodying the cosmopolitan and service-oriented spirit on which Sophia was founded.

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